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Clean A4!!!


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Decided today to relieve my wallet of £100 on Meguiars products so off I trot to Halfrauds and get everything!!

Claybarred my car and then stage 3 preparation - OMG its awesome that stuff!! All the swirl marks gone it looks better than new!

Couple of questions - i have the storage pack on the car so I have the drawers under the seats. Now when the seats are right at the bottom height wise, the drawers get caught on the plastic cover that it under the seat and pull them out all the time. On the drivers seat, when the front of the seat is higher than the back the draw will not close properly since it seems that the seat does not go up at the front properly - one side goes up faster than the other so it becomes 'wonky' and the latch does not work properly! Is this a job for Audi or something I can look at...

Also not sure if anyone knows, I have a hard wired nokia handfree kit and need to wire it in, where can I take the power wires for this from? Any ideas?

Will post pics of the gleaming car tomorrow!!


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