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caddy van dsg


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hi guys this is my first post on tyresmoke! I got the new caddy van dsg in january and the dealer told me i need to bring it back at 15000 kilometers for the oil change. but the local dealer told me 20k. i now have just over 20 k and it tells me i have just under 5000 kilometers to the oil change. does this mean vw filled it with long life oil and does it have an oil sensor which might mean service at 25k instead of 30k? it uses the bls engine. It seems to me that vw ireland are ripping people off doing oil changes for 250.00 euros every 15k if fitted with long life oil! 250.00 euros seems a load of b****X for a poxy oil change? also i put a tuning box on the caddy which gave a good power increase also more smoke! Would a remap give me more power and without the smoke? the dsg is an amazing gearbox and everyone i let drive it was amazed too and didn't want to get out of it grin.gif . it was worth the extra money for sure d mode for straight level roads and tip for up hills because the d mode seems to drop to 3rd or 4th up steep hills or mountains where i can do it in 5th or 6th in tip mode. it's great to rally on back roads though smirk.gif. thanks and sorry for the long post!

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