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70mph (ish) blow out!


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Had my first blowout last night on the m62, big bang, and the pressure light came on straight away (so it works!) and am now limping around on the space saver.

Not a good look for the R!

Seen as I 've never had anything like this happen to me before, and the hole is not a slash or a nail, but just looks like its fractured, is there any point in chasing continental up for giving me a dicky tire??

Just a bit gutted, only done 3000miles, and this happens, with a 160 quid bill.

Conti sport contact 2, extra load.

Hoping the unblemished alloy is just covered in black rubber marks and will scrub up ok, had to limp a few miles with the flat to get somewhere to do the tyre swap, jesus do bumps crash through the car with a flat tyre.

Any advice lads and lasses??

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Good to hear that you are safe.

Bet you're gald you didn't choose the compressor/bottle of sealant option instead of the pram wheel! bike.thumb.gif

I have my doubts about claiming for the tyre - I assume that it is the original tyre that came on the car? They will try & say that you kerbed it blah blah. I have tried this in the past with a failed tyre after 2000 miles fitted by a local franchise. I only got another tyre out of them because I knew the boss well. sportifs2.gif

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cheers for that, fella

yep, would have been interesting getting home with a can of sealant!!

it is the tyre that came with the motor, and i bet you are right, blatantly never been kerbed though, but that won't count for much I reckon!!

not to worry, bread and water this month, glad i decided against the fixed cost servicing, and just saved the money instead.

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