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2001 Passat 130TDi Auto/Tip problem


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I have the above car with about 92K on it and in the last couple of days have noticed a problem where by when I put the car into reverse if I press the accelerator the car makes a sort of juddering noice for a few seconds and then moves back? confused.gif

Any ideas on what it might be? confused.gif

I find if I put it into reverse and then leave it for a bit and then go backwards it is ok, could do without the gear box failing as I presume it is expensive? SAUER0421.GIF



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Well! Maybe someone could explain this!

They said that the brake light warning kept coming on becuase of "a connector on brake light warning light wiring loom defective removed and replaced". But yet when the car was serviced a couple of weeks ago they said that the pads and discs were 75% worn but nothing this time?????

Is it just that different technicians report different things or something else?

With regards the juddering etc when reversing they said that they could not find anything and when I tested it before I left the garage it was also fine.

Should I worry about this or just forget about it??

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