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115 PD Tuning possibilities

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My 115 PD Bora has served me well so far, and my plan was to change to a 320d in the following weeks. However, ive decided to go down the sensible route of purchasing a house, thus delaying the new car until next year.

However, the Bora just doesnt have enough spice to excite me. Ive been anti-remaps since they became popular, but i phoned my insurance today out of curiosity as i know they are a way of large gains, for little(ish) money. Only to be greeted with a ridiculous amount on top of my current premium.

So my question is, what fairly cheap methods are available for getting more power from my car? Im not looking vast amounts, even just a little bit. Id also prefer it lower down, from standing start etc. the power at the top end is ample.

I see the BMC site shows gains of 7hp from a Carbon airbox usually. Would one of these, or a carbonio be something to consider?

Im open to any suggestions.

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