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POLO 9N fuel cap lock jammed/stuck


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I went to refuel my 9N yesterday and realised the fuel cap was stuck. The lock just would release.

I have somehow managed to force the cap open without damaging anything. But now obviously it wont close properly because the locking pin's still down and wont move.

It wouldn't be because somebody trying to help tucked the boot carpet in on the otherside wall where there's a few plugs and a black metal wire (in plastic). Would it? If there is a way of checking any wires running to the fuel filler neck - could somebody give hints as to how I can remove the boot trim.

Any suggestions on how to sort this one out?

If I cant sort it, then I will have to wait for when my car's going in for its service and ask the guys there (VW tech doing private work) if they can fix it. They ought to know how - but I couldn't get hold of him last night either.


Update : I took parcel shelf trim off and some side plastic. Got to the mechanism that lowers/retracts the locking pin.

Although its plugged in, its not working. Any ideas if there's a fuse to it or what else to check? Either its knackered or perhaps a fuse.

I guess having a electric tester would have helped.

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