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Range Rover with 'George' plate


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Was it a woman driving? I used to see the plate (or one very similar) on an X5 every day on my way to work driving through Pleasington which is on the outskirts of Blackburn. If its the same one, the guy has a joinery firm in Blackburn (they did my double glazing at the old house) but his missus drives the car. Pressuambly the X5 has been replaced with a RR.

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Mills, have you seen the green coloured Laguna around Edinburgh with the TVR Sagaris type exhausts???!!!!!

I keep meaning to snap a picture of it but I end up in such fits of laughter I can't keep still long enough!

[/ QUOTE ]

Don't think so, not that I can remember anyway! Sounds lovely though! crazy.gif

There are some horrendous chav mobiles around the place, two which stand out in my mind; a burgundy metallic Alfa 156 with all sorts of crap attached to it, and also a bright flip orange E36 BMW with the biggest spolier I've ever seen! 1.gif

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