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Any Gearbox people about? Ratio talk ...


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Errrm, in my reckoning (i'm in no way at all sure of this)

1:1 would be a direct drive

1.403 would be a reduction gear

1.087 would be a bigger reduction

to raise the final drive ratio (to make the gearing "taller" or higher) then you would want as small a reduction with the drop gears as possible.

the two reducing ratios will "shorten" the gearing (I think), and make it lower overall

Again I stress I'm not sure of any of this

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There's free software kicking about on the net, for working out what difference you can achieve by changing the final drive etc.

I downloaded a program a while ago when I was considering changing the gearing on my CBR600, but I can't find the software now. smashfreakB.gif

Edited to add I've found a program if you want to try it Ritey. You can d/l it at the bottom of this page. beerchug.gif

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