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[Audi A3/S3] BOSE sub, straight swap? Sound advice needed!


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Can anyone tell me if it is a straight swap if you exchange the standard Audi sub of an S3 to a BOSE sub from an S3. Are the connectors still the same etc?

If there is no point in getting any BOSE parts from other S3's can anyone suggest a decent upgrade that makes the standard sound system sound better. I would like to keep the standard head unit though. I am not into all this thumpy music blaring out like the chavs with their Corsa's but I'd like the music that I do listen to, to have better quality if I do turn it up once in a while.

Any thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Plus what have all you guys done (sound wise) to your S3's?


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ive done just this , dont bother with the bose yes its better but not worth the hassle, what id say to do is remove the standard sub , and build your own box the same size - or get a local audio place to do this , it will house a 6" sub , fit an amp in the rear quarter or in the boot and wire this in to the head unit with a decent pair of components in teh front - job done ! do a search on my posts ive talked abuot this quite a few times, and tehre aer some picts of my sub and install in the gallery > a3 > page 4 > tomk good luck ! its not as hard as you think !

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