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I would really like to fit a turbo to my MK3 golf and am going to make a project out of it over the summer, does anyone know what sort of turbo I should look to use and/or how much it would cost, (part only, I will be fitting it myself) Also how complicated is it to make a new manifold to fit my engine??

Any help at all would be appreciated.


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It's a 1.4, thanks bjacks i'll check it out, I need a turbo just for the badboy dumpvalve sound... tsssssssssssh. just kidding.

[/ QUOTE ]

Would hope so too! Atmospheric dump valves (Tisssssshhhhhh!) are not good, and adversely affect your power output.

If you are indeed determined to do this at home, then really you should be looking at a belt driven turbo (Supercharger). You adjust the boost with the belt, so you can start off with a "low blow" (approx 4-6 PSi), and if you're reasonably mechanically minded and don't fit an intercooler to begin with (hence the reason why it'd be "Low Blow" - compression causes more heat which causes problems!), then you should be able to fit it to your car in an afternoon. Add to that a morning of Rolling Road tuning and you should have a noticably faster car (25-35% more power).

Once that is sorted, you can then add a cooler (which will take longer to fit - maybe a week, as you'd have to take the front of the car to bits), but then you could put on a shorter belt and up your boost to about 9 PSi. Once it's tuned again, it should give you about 50% increase in power.

Finally, if you want to go the whole hog, you need to lower the compression of the head (using a copper spacer gasket), and fit forged pistons and titanium con-rods, which you'll probably have to have made, as I don't think the 1.4 engine is generally classed as something that people wanna mod in this manner. Add to that bigger injectors and a higher capacity fuel pump, as well as transmission bolts (so your diff doesn't pop out!), and bigger brakes, and you will be able to up the boost to around 14-17 PSi which should give you between 80 and 100% increase on your initial power output.

Because of the fact that this is an easy(ish) thing to do, it wouldn't cost as much as a turbo conversion by a long way. You will also need to fit a dump valve, as you don't want any back pressure knacking your charger.

The supercharger to use for this sort of app is a "Vortech" charger. If you do a search on Google, you should be able to find lots of info on them - Nik Saran Racing in the states are a big supplier of these, and can sort you out with all the bits you need.

I have a fairly good understanding of this, so if you want any more advice, just let me know. Supercharging is definately the way to go for home-made jobs - Turboing at home is a f*cking nightmare!! grin.gif

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