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Wet carpet - VW Passat


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'99 1800 Sport T Passat 20v

Last week we had a night of really heavy rain. My car was parked outside (as usual)

Got in the next morning - un locked the car , drove off, and the central locking kicked in and locked all the doors !

Slightly un-nerving to say the least !

I checked the passenger side carpet - under the mat , and it did feel wet to the touch.

Dry out carpet - everything fine again

I remember someone saying about blocked up drainage holes beneath the battery holder - Is this correct ?

If so could someone enlighten me please !


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Yes there are from memory 3 holes in that small bay just remove battery and holding plate and unblock any debris in the holes. It could also be coming in from the pollen filter area. Which is located top right of engine bay (with plastic cover over) looking from the front of the car. You need to remove quite a few things to replace this. Replacing the seal on the filter housing with a liquorice type seal which you can get from stealers.

1. Remove wipers

2. Remove scuttle panel (black piece of trim that runs along bottom of windscreen)

3. Remove cover for pollen filter

4. Take out filter (i would personally replace this at the same time)

5. Remove Pollen filter housing.

6. Take of old seal and replace with new one needs to go round a few times.

7. Refit in reverse order.

I think thats how i did it anyway.


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I've done the wet carpet thing too.

The scuttle has a slot which the bottom of the windscreen pushes into. Removing it can be tricky. It took me a while to do using a thin, flexible spatula to work it loose.

The carpet/soundproofing is very thick - it is difficult to dry out in the car. Also it is possible that problems will return because the wires/terminals on the comfort control unit (underneath the carpet) have corroded. Getting a stealer to do the whole job can cost a couple of hundred in labour.

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