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Remember the car will need a Total alignment check with the lowering kit manufacturers specs or the Passat will handle like a boat and eat tyres ever few thousand miles. Also the Track S Curve (Bump steer) will have to be reset.

Also it is advisable to have wheels with a off set of ET 45 if the vehicle is being lowered below vehicle manufactures spec as the vehicle will have accessive "Track-stabilizing steering roll radius" which will cause the vehicle to brake steer (pull to the camber of the road) under heavy braking.

Also make sure a good technician (Good knowledge of the V.A.G style multi link suspension) carries out the work on your pride and joy.




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I got lost but managed to spend a few hours reading anyway 169144-ok.gif

The new car looks superb and I like the chrome bling beerchug.gif

Have you took the 'Passat' badge off the back as well; I reckon it would look cleaner without 169144-ok.gif


Also, are those 17" 5-star A4 alloys?


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