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Window Tining


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I am about to take delivery of my new toy and would be interested in advice anyone can offer on window tinting.

I don't recall it being something that needed to be done when I had cars in Europe but in AUS/NZ it seems to be the norm.

AUS/NZ owners will hopefully know what I mean.

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Legal Tints In Oz are 35% film, without any tints allowed on the front windscreen.

35% means it allows 35% of light to pass through.

If you go to Solartint or somewhere like that, it is the darkest they will apply. They will crap on about insurance not being paid if you have an accident and the tints are illegal etc etc to avoid going darker.

When I tint my cars, I apply a 15% tint. Only allows 15% of the light through. I think it looks great, and have never had insurance issues or issues at rego check time as a result. Ambulance windows are tinted with 5% - so 15% still allows some light through.

Make sure the film is metalised, otherwise it will fade purple.

It should be noted that if you ask for the illegal tints to be applied, the fitter wont normally give you a written warranty. If you were in Syd I could give you a name, but obviously not much good to you in Perth.

Dont pay for tinting by the dealer, they charge an arm and a leg for it.

The rules on tinting vary from state to state, so you may want to find out in your state what the rules are.

Hope this helps, and goodluck cool.gifcool.gifsekret.gif

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Thanks for the info, very helpful.

I spoke to the dealer today and they have quoted $465 for the street legal tint. They also said that the door panels on the golf were very hard to remove/re-fit so should only be done by a dealer etc.

I know its dealer speak but I guess I don't want to risk problems with a new car that the dealer may refuse to resolve down the line.

How much of a premium is the dealer charging? Would it be way less elsewhere?


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To put your mind at rest - door panels are a doddle to remove on the MK5, couple of screws (inc. one under the door handle / closer thing), gentle tug - out pops the panel, trim at the top you need to catch quickly, then the whole thing is loose bar the wire running to the door release ..

And from personal experience, rattles like **** when you reassemble it ... smashfreakB.gif

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They don't have to remove the door panels to fit window tint - they haven't had to do this for a few years.

The Window tinting people have tools to move the seals without taking off the door panels.

I just had mine done by Solartint for around $290 with the best tint available (35%).



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Wonder if mine were removed as it was Supaglass with Tint, and Pentagon definitely took the side glass out for the application. Rear screen was left in, just heated for the film. Rear quarter lights were left in, the film just trimmed / heated and moulded down under the rubbers ...

Still have an annoying rattle in the door ever since ... but otherwise very pleased with the results.

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