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Scottish Meet - Knockhill Sunday 14th May


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The weekend after next is the Scottish Motorfair at Knockhill.

I know it can be a bit cheesy, but its a good day out, and there are rumours that in addition to the usual stuff, including on track test drives, there will be a 2003 Ferrari F1 car, and also an Enzo FXX. Both will be out on track 169144-ok.gif

I am proposing that we meet in the Knockhill car park - far end so we can spot each other! at 1.00pm on the Sunday, then spend a couple of hours moseying around.

Disclaimer - I am spending that Saturday afternoon / night in the Trossachs, and driving across after checkout on Sunday, so am unable to attend at any other time than that shown above!! grin.gif

Add you name to the list if you will be there!


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Just a quick update guys...

Sorry, but something has come up that means I may not be able to attend this. Sorry frown.gif

I am trying to make it, but don't know if I will, so best that I take myself out of the roll.

If you spot a navy blue Bora, with Verve Rental written on the back, and the T badge missing from the TDI on the back then that will be me 169144-ok.gif

Fingers crossed I will make it and bump into some of you.

Hope it's a good afternoon even if I can't make it grin.gif

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