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S-Line Special Edition


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Hi there, found these forums a couple of weeks back and have found them most useful! I'm waiting for my A4 S-Line Special Edition to be delivered (should be third week of May) and would be interested to find out what the other Special Edition drivers think of their cars so far?

I've gone for DG with Xenons, Parking sensors, Cruise and sunblinds.

I'm trading from an RX-8, great fun but not too practical as a family car! I'll miss it when it's gone!

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I am another sports car convert awaiting delivery of my S line Special Edition. I've had Celicas for the past 4 years but felt like a change to something a bit more practical/comfortable.

I should be collecting this Saturday all being well.


Mauritus Blue


Interior Light Pack

Front Armrest

Valcona Leather

Acoustic Parking Sensors (rear)

Colour Driver Information Centre


iPod Interface


Heated Front Seats

Looking forward to it! Now to find my local Revo dealer... wink.gif

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xenons are class

Bluetooth phone prep would have been worth having though!

[/ QUOTE ]

I had xenons on the RX-8 and wouldn't go back to halogens after using them. Not sure I'd see much benefit from the Bluetooth as I don't really have a need to use the phone when driving.


come from Celicas

[/ QUOTE ]

had some fun with differing types over the two and a bit years I've had the RX8. Nice cars and decent value. The older tuned turbos were a bit difficult to live with in a straight line but no probs on the twisty bits


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