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[Audi A3/S3] Thule roof bars for a 3d 2006 A3


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Last week I purchased the a set of Thule roof bars for my 2006 A3. Unfortunately when it came to installation of the bars they would not fit. The problem is that front clips included in the Rapid Fitting Kit (Thule #1314) have a short pin sticking out which is supposed to fit into a hole located on the door seal area of the car roof. My 2006 model does not have these holes, there is just a square shaped indentation where the hole should be.

I went back to Halfords, where I bought the rack and they contacted Thule who assured them that I had the right fitting kit.

Has anyone else tried to fit a roof rack to their 2006 A3?

I know Audi make their own, but it is more expensive and not transferable to other cars.

Is the hole / no hole thing a change of design on the 2006 model year A3's? According to Thule the adapter kit I purchased should fit all 3 door A3's from 2003 on.

Thanks for your help

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Audi have removed the locating cap nut on most 06MY A3's as this hole was originally intended for the Original Roof Bar system but was never utilised. Hence the reason its now been removed.

Genuine Audi Roof Bars (8P0071126A - £170.00) are the only ones I know that currently fit.

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