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2nd AVS on 2004 1.9TDi Sport

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Hi Guys,

My car is up for it's 2nd AVS in a few hundred miles and wanted to know best options for it's service.

I do around 12k-14k miles a year - am I better to stay on AVS or fixed (what is the price difference?)

I'm considering going to a specealist rather than the dealers - will this effect the warranty?

Apologies for the many questions but appreciate any feedback.



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Yes it will affect the warranty, IIRC, or was there something coming in that stated as long as it had been serviced somewhere, your warranty was valid? Can't remember.

I would say switch to fixed servicing, better for the engine apparently. Better than having old oil sloshing about for 2 years.

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Hi Lynas - I read you had yours done recently.

Have you gone onto fixed now? I suppose that is the better option as currently the oil has lasted 18k.

(I still need to post them pictures blush.gif )



[/ QUOTE ]

No mate, I made the mistake of staying on AVS, next time i'm onto fixed.

I'd be interested to hear how much it costs for a fixed service.

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I don't get the urge to switch to fixed servicing confused.gif

The car is designed to tell you when it needs a service.

Cars used to be on fixed intervals (10,000 mile/12 months) 30 years ago when everything chugged around on 20/50 Multigrade crazy.gif

Engine design, materials, oils and a whole host of other features have improved almost immeasurably since those days.

A quality oil in a modern day, well maintained engine is capable of lasting the intervals the AVS indicator says.

I did 16,000 gentle miles in 23 months in my Tdi before it needed a service. There is no reason to suggest it needed one before that.

If you are in the business of ragging your car around then chances are 2 years is too long to go between services. But then again, your AVS indicator will count down quicker than your petrol gauge and you'll find yourself needing a service in no time anyway. It's clever like that tongue.gif

The idea that Joe Public needs to religiously service his modern day car every 12 months regardless of mileage (when it comes equipped with variable servicing) is outdated in my opinion.

I think the some of the world's finest design engineers may be slightly better informed than the rest of us.

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I'm gonna give the stealers a ring and find out both options. I'll also see the difference to a Audi independent specialist too cool.gif

Milo, I think your comments are spot on 169144-ok.gif (though before your post I did have doubts about AVS and oil change after 18 months blush.gif)

I'm hoping the stealers will also do the alarm beep and double button lock while its there FOC ECLIPSe.gif

Cheers guys for the input 169144-ok.gif


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Just got off the phone from the stealers regarding the cost for a 2nd AVS service - a staggering £374.51!!!! blush.gifblush.gifblush.gif

This includes:

Oil Filter

Fuel Filter

Pollen Filter

Wash fluid

Engine Oil

Full diagnostic inc Brake check

Car wash/vocum etc

Plus courtesy car as it will take most of the day!

I wasn't expecting that price - what you reckon guys, is this worth it?

I asked him about fixed/AVS servicing and he said i was better off with AVS as it saves you more money and works out better - fair point.

I'm gonna give a Audi Specialist a call and see what he will charge.

It is alot of money for a basic 2nd service me thinks confused.gif


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Depends on what re-sale value you want.

I'm on the Milo boat TBH, I could've gone with fixed but left it on AVS as I don't horse the car all over, so we'll see how it goes.

I only paid £233 for my 3rd AVS and £350 for the belt.

Try a different dealership.

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I've raised a separate thread on this as we've only owned our 2.5 TDi for about a year and needed another AVS service.

As mentioned it's meant to be around 18k between services which would be fine except that ours came up at almost 13k. So I figured I can either get it done every 10k (at £214) or every 13k at £373.

There was a bit of brow furrowing as I tried to work out which I'd be better on, but given the type of driving we do (mainly commuting, with the occasional long run) then we're never going to be getting big mileage intervals between AVS services.

SO I figured that three AVS services would be £1119 whereas 4 fixed services would be £856 both giving about 40,000 miles of motoring.

Maybe we won't keep the car that long, but if we do, then it will work out cheaper being on Fixed - for us.

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Thanks for your advise mate.

I've had a good long think about AVS and for me I think this is the best option. Mine is up on the 2nd AVS - it has lasted just over 17k since the first AVS.

I've figured with my type of driving and commuting, AVS should again last for atleast 15k; which can be anywhere between 12 - 18 months.

I have been very suprised at the cost for dealer AVS hence why I've gone to a Audi Specialist; half the price for the same job!

Fixed servicing would be more regular for me if I decided to do this; which is why I think AVS is right for my car.


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