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Best colour for avoiding stone chips?


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Hi all

Just wondering if anyone noticed stone chips more on their R taking into consideration Black deep blue and silver as well as red (rare) ANTRACITE GREY AND MIDNIGHT BLUE colours just wondered as ive been debating this with friends and neeigbours, a friend across the road has a silver w reg gti mark 4 and ive noticed stone chips etc in the nose area of the car (he never washes his)my blue R ive noticed 2 small chips on the quarter but nothing severe but i know is there! maybe simple care and regular washing can avoid this, ive also thought maybe metallic black is the worst for stone chips but i maybe wrong on this and silver the best as scratches cant be seen etc, but too me a silver car IMO just looks like the car hasnt been painted just too plain and bare for my liking!!?

any ideas opinions

Deep blue r standard

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