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Supercharger introduced for BMW 645...

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SKN Tuning, an American development company, have introduced two Supercharger conversions for the BMW 645.

Starting at £7,300...

Stage I Supercharger Conversion gives 443 bhp and 427 lbs ft of torque

Stage II Supercharger Conversion gives 493 bhp and 457 lbs ft of torque

The attraction to potential buyers being that SKN have spotted a good number of buyers don't want to sacrifice the ride of the 6 as opposed to the M6, and that the Supercharger conversions comes in a hell of a lot cheaper for what amounts to 100 bhp improvement on Stage I and 150 bhp improvement on Stage II (stock being 333 bhp).

Very, very interesting and here are some pictures...





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I must admit I think the BBS alloys look very nice. They'd be better still with BMW centre caps in my opinion.

£7,300 is still a heck of a lot of money for 100bhp and whilst I'm sure it'll go like stink it's not something I'd be tempted to do in the short-medium term.

I'm enjoying the car with it's current levels of performance and indeed I'd never want to be amongst the first to take on a tuning companies new supercharger - just in case everything went bang!

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