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Cd changer fault ??

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Hi ya

I Recently won a panasonic DP-600 Boot changer from ebay !

my car is a 1999 A4 Avant, the lead in the left hand compartment was alreadly there !

The 13 pin connecters are identical, and the unit powers up etc . .

There is a problem thou, the unit knows theres cd's in the magazine, but there no sound ? and you carn't change the number of the cd??

Somebody advised a special adapter lead ??

Any help would but great fully atp !!


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I fitted one to 1999 A4, there is only one lead you need to connect which should already be there (sounds like you've done this).

I'd suggest checking the back of the head unit to make sure its all connected properly, or you may have a dodgy CD changer... bloody ebay!

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