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A mate of mine is trying to sell his Civic TypeR Hes been offered 11K in part exchange on the car by a Honda Dealer (02 plate, 20K on the clock, silver alloys are slightly scuffed) - HOWEVER the Airbag SRS light is on - the control unit has a fault with in and needs replacing. cost for fix = £500 all in

He thinks he can ask for around 9K private sale as the Airbag light is on. Do people think that this is a reasonable price or should it be higher or lower given the fact that the warning light is on?

He doesnt intend to fix this.



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So effectively he's still going to get £10500 for his car as a trade in taking into consideration the £500 for the SRS light fault? If so I think it's a bit of a no brainer really, he'd be lucky to get £10000 privately with the airbag light fixed IMO so I know what I'd do . . . after all the car only books at £9000 so the Honda dealer is being very generous!

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