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'99 Passat 1.8 Turbo Correct Engine Oil Viscosity


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I cannot get a straight answer from my dealer and the VW Customer Care number. My question is about the correct oil viscosity for my 1999 Passat 1.8 Turbo Wagon. My dealer insists that I must use 5W-30 engine oil all year long. However, my owners manual (page 170) seems to say that while Type A (energy conserving oil) at 5W-30/5W-40 is OK for a temperature range of -20 to 95 F, Type B (multi-grade oil) 5W-30 is only good between -20 and about 60 F. How does VW define A (Energy Conserving Oil) vs. B (Multi-grade oil)? I am concerned that my dealer is making me use 5W-30 oil during the hot summer months while the manual potentially says not to use 5W-30 over 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Since I live in New Jersey, USA, I suspect that I may need to use an oil with a broader viscosity range in the summer months. Any thoughts?

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