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Local high profile speeding case with celeb lawyer


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Cumbrian haulage tycoon William Stobart who is joint owner of Eddie Stobart truck company was cought at 117 mph on M6 near Carlisle.

He hired celeb lawyer Nick Freeman who demolished the prosecution by stating that they could not prove that William Stobart was driving his car at the time of the offence. The police officer could not remember if he had asked for documentary proof of his identity, therefor could not prove beyond reasonable doubt who was driving the car (William Stobart did not attent the hearing)

Nick Freeman also said that the officers speed measuring device had not been properly checked and suggested that the police car radio may have interfered with the measurement.

If you get cought speeding and you are going to fight it in court do not show any ID and get a solicitor to attend the hearing for you.

It just might work 169144-ok.gif

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