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[Audi A3/S3] Mechanical Fault


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Hi folks,

Was wondering if anyone could help....

I recently bought an S3 after a long time of looking for one, I got a 2003 one with 20k on the clock.

After driving the car along the motorway i noticed that the car is pulling to the left quite a lot. At speeds of 70mph it feels very unstable and i've no idea what the problem could be...

I hope its something simple such as the wheel alinement or getting the wheels balanced? or could it be a more serious problem? The car hasnt been in an accident or had any suspension parts replaced in its life time.


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Thanks for the replys guys....

The steering wheel does shake quite badly, it seems to be the left drivers wheel or the left side that the problem is coming from.

Also when driving straight the steering wheel corrects itself to a slightly left position which makes me think its the wheel alignment.

I checked the tyre pressures earlier on and they are all fine. btw do S3 rear tyres wear more than the fronts? iamwithstupid.gif

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Generally your rear tyres won't wear as quickly as the fronts, however if you drive it pretty hard they should wear more or less at the same rate. I find that there's usually about 1mm of difference between my fronts and rears.

Have you had the wheel alignment checked yet mate?

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