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I don't know how or where, but some little prick stole the chrome gti badge from the front of my car!Unbeknown to the idiot v.w. have actually safety fastened the mk5 badges beacause of idiots like him. Therefore to remove the badge, you have to pop the hood, unscrew the grill and unlatch the badge from behind (apparently). Whoever it was decided it would be easier just to snap it off..ofcourse making it of no use to him or me!

There are fools out there, so make sure you choose where you park her carefully!VW are also cheap... they are charging me around £80 to get it replaced!...THIS WORLD!! sportifs2.gif

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The insert itself is cheap and you can slot it in yourself - just buy the part from the dealer or from here for around a tenner.

usually the GTI badge will just snap off, but if they've broken your grill as well then that will be more expensive.

Again you can fit this yourself without too much pain 169144-ok.gif

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Surely - but it will affect your no-claims bonus, plus given the likely excess and insurance claim may not be worthwhile.

Especially as you can simply buy, then fit the GTI badge yourself.

You do this by lining it up and then simply pushing it backwards into it's slot until the clips catch.

This will cost you £12.16 including VAT part number 1K6853679FXC.

You won't have to pay £80 for the part plus the 30 minutes or so that they are proposing to charge you for (presumably your garage charges around £120 per hour plus VAT).

Still, it's your money!

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Some little ned did the same to my GTi a couple of months ago. fekr.gif

Was v. pissed off at the time, but I soon calmed down when I realised that he didn't do any other damage - GTI badge on the rear was still there, and no scratches in the paintwork. 169144-ok.gif

Haven't got it replaced yet - will see what the stealer tries to charge me for it when I get my steering rack replaced. Hope I don't have to get the grill replaced!

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