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S4 servcie


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As you are aware I have an S4 cab and will be booking it in in about 2k miles - How much does the average servce cost on an S4 and how long does it take?

The courtesy car - should I expect a similar model or will I get an A3 1.6 - can I specify what I want as I want something decent

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£313 for first AVS service, dropped off at 9am, call by 1pm to say service was complete and car being cleaned (aarrrgh, keep off it!)

As for courtesy car, it is just what they have, I got lumbered with a A4 1.8T S-Line Avant Quattro ZZZ.gif

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My dealer quoted £350. They admitted the major cost was the oil. Need to check how much they are charging for it.

[/ QUOTE ]

Was that for a 1st AVS CabMac?

I was quoted that for my car............. It's the oil sir, etc etc...

Indeed. coffee.gif

Last time I checked SLX and SLX Longlife II (now Edge) were £16 a litre. Just as well I've got 18 litres of ELF EXCELLIUM LDX 0W-30 on its way. wink.gif


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