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foto's german car trackday tt circuit assen(hollan

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a beautiful day on the tt circuit for all german car brands..

lots and lots of show andd shine cars,lovely women and a lot of sun..

on the track cars like a jetta mk1 20vt(350 bhp)golf mk1 g60 (280 bhp)golf mk4 20vt(350 bhp)and various opels with 2 liter 16v tubo's battled for the quarter mile..

fastest of them all where a 280 bhp opel speedster,a 530 bhp audi cupe s2 and an 700 bhp bmw from v-max germany with an opel engine..

the bmw drove into the barrier in his second run,with lots of damage.sow the battle of the day was opel vs audi...

opel set the fastest track time,but in the finals the audi won..

here 2 movies from the s2

1. http://cartuning.sebaworld.com/vwteampg/fo...assen%20181.MOV



here's a little impression of that day

the rest f the pics are on www.vwteampg.nl under foto's vw

have fun







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