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Looking around at broadband suppliers....

originally i was going to get my own hardware, router/modem wireless box for future laptop etc, but seeing the current deals going on (ie modem , activation etc for £17.57 inc vat Pipex) for sake of less than £20 im going to get broadband first and my own hardware later...

Heres my top 4 so far.

taking into consideration , all hardware, activation, monthly fee's and vat, ending up with the first years complete price...

1. Pipex Solo2Go £298.85

2. Plusnet Broadband Easy Start £335.88

3. Nildram Home500Lite £387.505

4. Eclipse Connect500Lite £ 404.85

incidently these are also in the top 4 of ASDLguide.org.uk

Looks like Pipex is the favourite. anyone else got any suggestions? or know of any good deals going on?

My exchange goes live Aug 20th.

Ta beerchug.gif

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I got first dibs on Riz and Paul then.... hmm more money off my bill please grin.gif

Other than a cheap monthly cost with Plusnet, the main reason I went with them was due to the fact that its a monthly contract. I just have to give 1 months notice if i want to cancel and move elsewhere.

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lemme know if you go the pipex route paul - i can 'recommend' you and get a free month lol.gif


[/ QUOTE ]

So what do i have to do to let you recommend me? before or after i pre register?

Ps i get your next online reccomendation so i get a month free wink.giffekr.gif

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