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[Audi A3/S3] s3 sucking on oil


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HI there

am new to this site...but jsut to let you know i had a rattling sound on my s3 a few weeks ago.. i took it to audis they said that it was the fan belt and tentioner...

then i took it to my mate who is a VW mechanic. he goes it was the cam belt ....i wanted to beleive him. but i'd rather go with audi....but guess what it was the cam belt and the rattling sound has now gone.....

i have a 2002 s3 40k ....but what is worrying me at thsi moment is the oil consumption in 2000 miles i have put 2 litres of oil in it....are they known to suck on oil and does the turbo have any part in this??? will get it checked if its not normal.

Cheers guys

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Audi have a figure for oil consumtion that is considered "normal" ( personally i dont think its normal at all, just thats their cut off where they wont do anything)

IIRC it used to be 1L every 1000 miles was considered ok. But please check with them, as if it is, your are sailing close to the limit.

Turbo does have an oil feed for lubrication, with seals internally, yes.

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yeh thats what someone else told me aswell and they informed me to check the manual... the manual states that it should be around 0.5ltr per 1000mls. To be honest i have had my new s3 for 4 weeks now and i have been giving it a little as am enoying its awesome performance. But i think its teaching me that its high maintenance....if shes treated mean.... so i guess i will take it easy on her ....and test her when required

cheers guys appreicated!!

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