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Porsche brake upgrade for the weekend??


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As mentioned on another post, i've recently had my porsche brake upgrade replaced with a MOV-IT one on my S8.

So i now have for sale the following...

A pair of Porche big red brake calipers (think they 993 bi-turbo ones) - they're porsche-branded bembro's.

Ed at APS reckons that they'd drop onto an S4 (B5 chassis if i recall his words).

They have the mounting bolts, washers and clips, and still have the pads in place.

I'll clean the calipers up this weekend (as they're still caked in brake dust) and can take pics if anyones interested. The pads have plenty of life in them (they've covered 20k miles).

I still have the original receipt from AmD when they got installed, so i know how much they cost new 11 months ago.

If anyone fancies them then they're welcome to make me an offer, otherwise i'll put them up on eBay.



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Quick update,

I only have 3 of the 4 mounting bolts! I assume the missing one is somewhere on the floor of the APS workshop smile.gif

Brake lines are still connected to the calipers, and the pads are in very good condition (having just cleaned them up).

Ebay linky to follow...

Oh, and photo attached.


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Same Calipers as my AmD Porsche big red kit.

All the parts are 993 bi-turbo bits,

To fit them to an S3 you would also need....

The calipers bolt to a spacer, which is in turn bolted to the OEM caliper mounting, so you will need the (custom made) caliper spacer for S3 fitment.

Your also need (custome made) hats made for the S3 5 x 100 PCD bolt hole pattern. (the Porsche one gets removed and thrown away)

other than that its all standard 993 bi turbo bits.

ie pads, rotors etc.

they will fit behind a 17" Avus wheel no problem.

They WILL NOT fit behind a OEM 18" RSTT 9 spoke alloy without minimum 10mm spacers and longer bolts.

Any other Alloy your have to check/try on a case by case basis.

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Quick update, as Ed has got back to me with some more info.

These callipers are the 993 bi turbo ones (as i stated in the original post) - 2-piece not the mono-blocks.

They'd go on a B5 S4 but would require some machining to fit.

Whereas (and here is the update), they would go onto a TT/S3/Golf MkIV without machining.

Obviously you'd need the brackets...

So, anyone still interested??

Last chance before they go to open market on fleabay?

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As mentioned in several PM's, i paid just shy of £800 for them (parts only) 11 months ago (as part of the whole install from AmD).

They're in excellent nick (apart from stubborn brake dust), and the pads are in very good condition too.

So i'd be looking for around £400 for them.

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