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tuning a bora tdi 150


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firstly...since its your first post...its good to introduce yourself, you give no indication as to where your based or the age and miles on your car either. Such information is important if fellow TSN members are to reply with correct facts. Also the chances are that the question has been asked before so a quick search on the board could maybe save you time posting.

As for power gains...

your likley to see more torque, hard to give figures as it depends on the type of remap and if you have any other components complimenting or feeding off the remap, like an exhaust, induction kit, boost control etc...

engine mods wise...how much is your budget? and what are you after? top end power? mid range? but your basics is an Exhaust, induction Kit, maybe a boost controller, followed by a bigger intercooler, bigger injectors, the list goes on, with these mods your best suited to a custom remap so that you can get the best out of the mods.

with all these engine mods its pointless having all that power with out PROPER brakes! ...you will have to consider uprated brakes, also possibly an uprated clutch (depending on power gains, - ur replacing the clutch as a matter of course then drop in an uprated one).

I suggest you speak to or look at Revo or AMDTecnik



if the car is older and has covered a fair few miles you have to make sure that the engine, gearbox and other major parts can cope with the extra power. Again A reputable firm can advise you further on this.

Cheers 169144-ok.gif

welcome to TSN

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