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Anyone know of a good one????

[/ QUOTE ]


You can by mine - 03, 3 dorr DBP, half leather and 24k. It's got a rattly bag of nails for an engine - but runs okay ROLLEY~14.GIF Bargain at £15k grin.gif

Seriously though - good luck. There are several things to look out for, but a couple of hours browsing in here will show them up.

I loved mine before it all went Pete Tong 169144-ok.gif

Its usaully stuff like MAFs, Coil Packs, Strut Top Mounts, rattling seats etc.

Oh, and don't buy one which rattles from the engine at 1400 - 2000 ish rpm. That will mean it needs big work done to it, involving the crankshaft etc.

Trouble is persuading VW that this is the case suicide.gif

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If possible try and buy one off somebody on here.

They are more than likely very enthusiastic about the car and it should have been looked after by somebody who will be up to date on any issues (6463 etc).

I am pleased to say I sold my mk4 to somebody through TSN and he got a car that had been loved from thae day I got it to the day I sold it.


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