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New wheels - well my brothers old 'uns


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Right tech heads on guys....

My brother has 4 alloys clogging up his garage at the mo. They are off his now departed VW Transporter (S reg).

Three are 7Jx16 and one is 7.5Jx16 or the other way round - I can't remember off the top of my head...

The question - will the buggers fit, yep I know spacers come into play somewhere because they did on the Trannie!

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The wheels should be the same PCD and Centre Bore so will physically fit.

I dont know how good it is to have one slightly wider wheel though.

Offset will be similar if not the same. Passat is 37 i think and transporter is between 35 and 40. Not sure if the spacers are taken into account when considering offset but you should be able to work it out anyway when trial fitting them.

Do they have tyres? they might not be the right size for the passat.

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That was my thoughts - suck it and see. One of the tyres is spectacularly dead after a chunk was knocked out of the sidewall by a pothole on our ever so well looked after roads!

I'm considering this as one tyre on these alloys is much cheaper than 4 new ones on the standard 15" steelies!

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Here's how its all panned out...

All 4 tyres are 205/55/16 91V rated. New one cost £65 and some odd pence as the local tyre place was doing silly offers to counter a 'day' they were having over at the local KwikFit.

All 4 wheels are on the car and its solid and steady upto 70 mph and is as expected on roundabouts and when thrown around.

I put a spacer behind one of the 7J's to try and even the back end up - even now the 7.5J sticks out slightly more - alas the hunt for a fatter spacer is on. The Passat does look meaty with the 7.5J on the back sticking out the slightest amount.

The only thing that is a concern is the lack of spigot rings to give a tight seal around the large 'nipple' that sticks out of the wheel mounting on the car.

I tried and failed to find one for the 7.5J wheel today despite going to the largest alloy stockist around and spending an hour with the manager, the wheels and hundreds of spigot rings in the stockroom! I'm not so concerned about the 7J's as the gap isn't that large, maybe 2mm max.

I'll pop some photos up soon.

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