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Anyone got any after-sun lotion please?


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OK, I need some guidance here.....took the Mazda to Dorking and back today - gorgeous day, blue skies, roof down. On the way home I encountered the Friday afternoon M25 of hell and spent 2 hours getting from the Dorking exit round to the M40. Then the M40 was closed at Oxford due to an accident. So, approx four and a half hours later I get home. I have in that time been baked into the seats of the MX-5, never been so hot in my life, thought I might expire around Heathrow junction.... - my arms and upper body look akin to a nice broiled lobster kinda thing. So, what the hell do you do if you have a Boxster as your main car? (Not that i am thinking of getting one after seeing millions of them on the M25 and dribbling..... tongue.gif) Would you put the roof up and air con in these huge traffic jams of doom or should I start having sun lotion in the glove box and liberally applying? The Mazda has no air con so would have been just as bad with the roof up! Only my top half will be tanned! shocked.gif

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Last year I drove from Miami to Key West in Florida in a convertible Mustang down Route 1 (kind of dream I have had for a while).

Of course, only factor 8 was applied at the start of the ride..... ended up the same colour as Ketchup!

Worst bit was that I burnt the soft baby skin bit on the inside of my arm from my elbow, which hardly ever sees sunlight. Hurt like a monster for about a week!!

Boots Soltan and plenty of it Lottie!


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