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Anyone got a Philips DVDR880 DVD Recorder?


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Yeah there supposed to be preety good snail...the only thing you'll find...as with alot of the current bunch is that they don't take a RGB for inputting the signal...it's usually RF, Composite and S-video. Alot ppl go for the Panasonic for ease of use but that takes DVD RAM and DVD-R which depends on you really. Sony and Pioneer are bringing out a new bunch pretty soon mostlikely in multiformat and more ones with built in Hard drives or even DTT. either way i wouldn't say no to a home dvd recorder.

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I've done a coupla tests, and im happy enough using the +format with it.....all +RW discs, read in all the DVD players i've tried (and PS2), but most dont like unfinished +Rs.

Recording TV is very good quality.....just gotta untidy and remove my std video, and try using it with sky, see if thats any good. I noticed an option "record from sky", so i gotta work out what that does....should be good.

If the sky recording quality is good, then i'll probably keep it, and combine it with sky plus, so i don't have to stick to the 20hour limit you get with sky+.

In theory all good....just gotta try some more stuff with it first.

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