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Strange loss of power


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Right, this is going to be difficult to explain, but please bear with me.....

My 2000 4.2 had a full service about 3 weeks ago, (mentionaing this just in case you chaps think the garage could have caused the following problem), and everything seemed ok.

Last night driving home, gently pressed throttle, to the point just before kickdown, and noticed that the car was holding back, didn't feel like all the power was getting to the wheels. Eased off, then floored it..... only the car didn't, wasn't quite jerking down the road, but thats what it felt like!

Drove into work today, everything 'seemed' fine. Floored it a couple of times, still ok, then eased off, and throttle to the point very near kickdown again, and same thing happended!

Any ideas? Thinking maybe gearbox confused.gif

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Not sure, but might be worth doingthe old throttle reset action. Maybe the garage disconnected the battery or something and the throttle needs to learn your style again?????

Other than that, plug in the old VAG-Com and check the codes!

any drop in MPG or such like?

Good luck.......

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Cheers Cruiser, haven't got access to VAG com, so will try the throttle reset procedure first.

On searching I have found two methods:-

1st - (taken from here http://www.audi-forums.com/index.php?showtopic=4132&hl=accelerate )

Apparently you can reset the potentiometer by

Engine off, turn ignition to 2 (dash lights) press hard on the accel pedal on off 10 times. Leave a few seconds, keys out of ignition then start the car.

2nd - Taken from here ( http://www.tyresmoke.net/ubbthreads/show...psed/sb/5/o/all )

1. remove negative lead for about 20mins and replace

2. Turn ignition to to first position and leave for 5 mins

3. start car and let idle for 5 mins

4. restart car and go dor a drive

Which should I do? Or is there another method for the A8

Thanks again

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The MAF is inside a protective plastic tube (about the size of a toilet paper tube). This sits in the lid of the airbox.

Take that off, and then use cotton wool bud to gently clean the thin metal strip that you will see through the meshing.

It is VERY fragile and VERY easy to break.

Tools, only Crosshead screw driver to undo teh Jubilee clip holding the air pipes on.

Hope that helps. Good luck!

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the maf sensor is in item no. 2 in the diagram. Its a very thin wire essentially and you need to be very careful when cleaning its with either alcohol or electric contact cleaner using a cotoon swab etc. 169144-ok.gif

once you have cleaned the maf and if the prob doesn't go away you might wanna consider looking at the coil packs.



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My MAF cleaning method generally involves alot of switch/electrical contact cleaner and a zip up sandwich bag. I then let the sensor sit in the fluid and wash it that way, the sensors are supposed to be very fragile, so personally I wouldnt start prodding it with a cotton bud.

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