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Buying an EVO7 or 8

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I know many of you are probably gonna roll your eyes reading this post, but i thought, to hell with the fuel economy!! UHOH7.GIF (as per my recent post in the audi chat section).

Ok, i've decided to go down the EVO route purely because i recently i saw an absolutely gorgeous one that'd been lowered with black wheels and to describe it as menacing would be an understatement. I also saw another nice one on the motorway which was a 7 or 8 and it was the ralliart special edition and it too looked gorgeous. I've really started to like them recently.

Anyway, to the point..I am looking to buy an EVO 7 or 8 and wondered which was the best route to take. Should i try to find a nice uk car or should i go grey and use an import specialist. Either way, can anyone steer me in the right direction to a good dealer or importer? Thanks.

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have you driven one??? Stuff their looks, driving one is awesome!!!! shocked.gif Stay away from a modified suspension ones. The standard ones are just perfect!

My mate has an MR-FQ320 with 340bhp (de-cat and filter), FMSH etc. and is looking at £19k for it if you are interested??? PM me if you are 169144-ok.gif

Simply stunning car. He gets about 21-24 mpg on a run at 70mph, but about 10mpg around town. Also, you need a garage or something as he has had various attempted thefts and 1 attempted car jacking. blush.gif

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I've certainly heard similar stories of attempted theft and car-jackings. In fact, i was watching one of these real life police fly-on-the-wall type programs and some guy had his FQ-300 stolen but later recovered. But they had stolen the keys through his letterbox!

It's stories like this that really put you off owning such a car, but I do like the look of them. It's funny, because most of motoring press aren't keen on the look but love the driving experience. Me, I like the idea of both!

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