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Genuine retrofit Cruise Control (with full fitting instructions) anyone? 169144-ok.gif


The kits work out about £30 cheaper than if you were to buy all the bits individually and thats including the steering cowling (which you have to buy individually as there are so many different colour combinations. I've still got to finalising pricing for TSN'ers but we should be looking around £135.00 for the parts smile.gif


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VAG COM will be required for the installation as you need to tell the vehicle that Cruise Control is enabled smile.gif I wouldn't be able to do this UBM but I'm sure there will be people at the meet who have retrofitted it before. Its basically remove steering wheel, remove cowlings, remove control unit, fit new control unit. refit all the other stuff and enable cruise via VAG COM smile.gif

I'm still waiting for A3 8P Cruise control, should be with me within the next two weeks.

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Hello from a lurker! smile.gif

Had my S-Line Steering Wheel and Gear Knob fitted to my 53 A4 130 Sport today, the Independent Specialist was of the opinion that he could do the cruise control work provided he had the wiring diagram.

On average they are 50% cheaper than the local stealer for labour costs.



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Welcome to the forums Venomous,

You won't be needing wiring diagrams for the B6 or B7 A4 as the cars are already wired. Its just a case of replacing the Steering Control Unit if it needs it. And also enabling the Cruise Control via VAG COM or Dealer's 50-52

The kits with Control Unit's have a RRP of £164.00 including the cowling and postage and I can supply them to TSN'ers for £145.00 smile.gif However, I will be requiring vehicle Registrations/Chassis Numbers to order these as I need to find out trim colours/transmission combinations.

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