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Which Car Polish/Colour Restorer??

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Hi All,

Which car polish/colour restorer would you recommend for a glossy shine? I've tried car plan products in the past; recently a colour restorer on my dads black Toyota, - but after a few washes it faded away - very annoying mad.gif

I've heard about AutoGlym and McGuiers (sp) - anyone recommend this or a specific product?

Cheers guys 169144-ok.gif


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Meguiars 3-step works well - £8 a bottle - you need 3 = a cleanser (step1), a polish (step2) and a wax (step3). It takes about 3 hours after washing the car and will get to 90% of the result of a professional polisher. Will help a lot of swirl mark. You can also apply a clay prior to step 1 - (£13 for a Meguiar) - PITA to apply but even better result. Autoglym don't make high end products.

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1. Rinse with hot water to take off any lying dust etc

2. Wash

3. Dry

4. Clay (pain, but worth it, trust me)

5. Polish it up, use anything half decent, AutoGlym Deep Shine is very good at removing light scuffs etc.

6. Wax it. Megs NXT Wax WILL give you a very deep gloss shine

7. Auto Glym Extra Gloss will seal the finish off. The longer you leave it, the better.

HD Cleanse is about £22, the AG Deep Shine is about £11ish and the Megs NXT wax is £16-17. The Extra Gloss is about £8 depending on the size of bottle.

And get 4 or 5 microfibre cloths for polishing removing etc.

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I toyed with the idea of Autoglym, but went for Swissol in the end.

It's expensive, but the wax is a proper wax rather than a polish.

If you're doing it for the first time then yes it's a long process.

<ul type="square">[*]Spray your wheels with some MC2 (Or Virasol) and leave to soak while you rinse and wash the car

[*]Rinse the car to get rid of any loose dirt

[*]Clean the car - Johnson's Baby bath is best (purple bottle - don't laugh, it was recomended by a pro-valeter)NB - you should use the 'two-bucket' method - that's one bucket with the clean soapy water in and one bucket with just water in to rinse off your sponge/wash mit

[*]Rinse off your wheels

[*]Clay bar your car

[*]Rinse off all residue and dry

[*]Use some cleaner fluid (depending on if it's scratched, you may need something quite strong]

[*]At this point it's ready to wax - so wax it and leave each panel for roughly 10 minutes before buffing.

[*]Leave a couple of hours in the sun to bake while you clean the inside and then wax again if you fancy it

A thorough top-to-bottom inside-and-out will take you all day. I normally will spend about 4-5 hours as I'm not a pro.

However, the results do speak for themselves...



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