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top 5 Prettyest cars


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following on from the XK thread, which are the PRETTYEST cars - they may be fatally falwed, but they looked good, and thats what matters here - here's mine.

1: Jag D-Type

2:Maserati 300s

3:Jag E-Type

4:Aston DB7

5:DeTomaso pantera

Note how none of those cars are in production - weird eh?

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And now for the controversial vote.......

In now particular order..........

Aston Martin Lagonda (the long, low, sleek one!)

A8 (Previous gen)

Maybach Xelero thingy

Alfa Romeo's new coupe (not Brera)

Ferrari 412i

This is seriously hard, as there are SOOOOO many other pretty cars. These are but a few.

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Some to be getting on with:

Mercedes SL [previous generation and to a lesser extent, the current one].

Maserati Sebring [stylish in a way modern Massers aren't]

Lamborghini Muira [somehow just is].

Corvette C2 convertible [Prettiest car to ever come out of America?].

Ferrari 355 Spyder [is that "pretty"?].

Guess there are more "old cars" that I like the looks of than I thought!

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