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Water in Car


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I seem to be having a water leakage problem with my Audi A6. I have taken it to the dealer several times and they can't fix anything. There is water on the floor of the front and back passager side. I have a flood literally inside the car. Please PM with any suggestions.

Anyone with similar problems?


Please Help.

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Hi Mellow03,

I've noticed that everytime I wash my A6 2.7T I get quite a bit of water on the inside door jams. The water seems to hit the side plastic parts or the door and dash as well. I know some water is normal but the amount I get is a little more than what I think should be normal. I just thought this was an Audi thing. I didn't have this issue with my other vehicle. I don't think I have any leaks such as yours as the water issue only happens when I wash the car. I do get some water in the same area when it rains.

I know this probably doesn't help you but have you checked all of the rubber gaskets along the doors and windows? Some of them might be cracked and worn. Do you have a sun roof? If you do, the leak might be running along one of the seams and getting in the car that way.Have you checked your windshield and back window gasket or frame. My mom's windshield frame was starting to rot and everytime it rained her leak would drip right in front of the dash on the passenger side floor. The leak as I said actually was coming from the windshield frame. As you know water travels so the leak could be coming from a different spot than you think. Sorry this is so long winded but I hope it helps. Goodluck and take care.


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Well no - I am told this is a common fault on the A6

Had it twice so far

1st winter - dealer "there is a shroud on the bulk head which sometimes spilts during manufacture - this lets the water in"

2nd winter - dealer "we think its the wind screen"

3rd winter - we will see

Apparently common fault - according to the dealer - shows itself when the electrics start to play up - there are vairious control boxes fitted to the floor under the carpet.

Good luck - suspect it depends on your dealer.

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