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Retro fit aircon?


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This is a cross post with the (deserted) Polo forum...

My wife has a 2001 Polo 1.4 - WITHOUT AIRCON!!!

I wish I had paid the extra when we ordered it to get the air factory installed. Having failed to do so, is it sensible/possible to add it on now? Will this be as good as factory fit, or is it a bodge job?


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The Polo would have been £500 for factory fit, IN LIEU OF SUNROOF.

If I can get it fitted for £800 and it is reliable then that would be OK. Trouble is my complete lack of faith in Ridgeway Reading!!

Went to a non franchise VW specialist just now and they said they dont fit them - would have to go to main dealer. Reckoned about £1K and said that while it wouldnt be as good as Orig fit, it should be fine. Guess I will have to enquire...

Mind you, if it is over a grand, then I may be better off swapping for one which already has it. Only trouble is we have only had the car 2 years, and have no other reason to change it.

Thanks for replies guys.

Still interested in further opinion...

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Perfect m8! notworthy.gif

Just what I needed. When work is not so manic I will go to the garage and see what they say. My local non-franchise VW specialist wont fit aircon so its either Ridgeway or a specialist air-con company. I guess from what peelo says, I need to go to a main dealer and I can get the exact same kit as the factory fit option. He paid £1700 5 years ago, but reckons it is cheaper now. Someone else has been quoted £1000, but I think from an air-con specialist rather than main dealer.

If I can get it as per factory spec for about a grand then I think its a goer!

Thanks everyone for assistance. beerchug.gif

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