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Essex Meet - Thurs 21st ???


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Good to see you all again chap/chappess.. I'll let SK divuldge his new ride.

Lagoo the car looks the dogs undercarriage mate.... very swish even if its in John Major grey grin.gif

Not a bad lil drive back(very spirited wink.gif)Was that an unmarked copper on the M25? I could swear I saw blue lights blush.gif


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SO pete says - Go back along the A14 it'll be far easier and quicker - but no I decide to use the 'big' roads.

Roadworks at J26 were down to 1 lane, took me 45 mins to get past M11 junc, then M25 was shut at J23, took me another 40 mins to get from M25 onto A1 - so eventual arrival home was nocking on 2am!!

Moral of the story - Listen to your elders wink.gif

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