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@TonyD, how where the test drives....


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Not too bad mate.

I drove the 320D Manual and the 330D Auto.

The 320 (with its 150bhp) has less hp than my Golf but it wasn't slow. I was amazed to see my average MPG (after an hour of hard driving) at 43MPG. Salesman (Niall McCarthy) reckoned 50MPG is quite easily achievable if you don't drive it so hard all the time.

The 330d Auto was quicker but I didn't enjoy the auto box so much... it took a lot of fun out of driving the car. I was also not impressed with 27MPG average at the end of my test drive. People have mentioned that the poor MPG is probably due to the auto box so I might see if I can get a go in a manual version to see if I can get better MPG out of it. Niall is on holiday this week so I'll see if I can speak to him next week about that.

Anyhow, after driving them both went in and spec'd up a 320d Sport (saloon) and it came out at about £27k with my options. A 4 door car would be nice for a change but I'm wondering if I should hold out for the 320 Coupe Sport Diesel which is being launched next month.... only problem is the Lead Time - probably won't get it till November or December he reckoned.

How's the M3? beerchug.gif

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the M3.... joyous.... having a great time racking up the miles... 250miles to go and then i can really play FIREdevil.gif Actually had quiet a few funny moments with as people are always trying it on smashfreakB.gif Had a bloke the day before yesterday pull up and say

"Oi mate thought dose M 'trees' are supose to be quick" to which i replied "they are"

"so how comes i kept up with ya" replies the wide boy..

"beacuse i am running it in"

"Oh" window up and wheel spins away from traffic lights.. smashfreakB.gif made me giggle!

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