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Gold Class Wash


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HAve to say this stuff is fantastic! grin.gif

I never realised a wash could be so good. I thought the Autoglym wash was better than many other brands I used to use, but figured that as long as you had a good one, the main thing was to make sure it doesnt wash any of the wax away. But the meguiars actually FELT better, and when I went over the areas I had waxed with Gold Class Wax, it was much easier to clean the car. The Wash also did what they said - it sheeted off the car and didnt settle so much, so easier to dry too.

Have to say, I wasnt totally knocked out as I expected when I first tried the stuff, but you keep realising bit by bit that everything just works better and easier.

Really love that drying cloth too, although I have found I need to remember to rinse it to get rid of accumulated dust from time to time. With the old cloths I used this was automatic as the cloth kept getting saturated, but this thing never stops soaking up water so you can forget.

Clay Barred (still struggling with this, but getting better - rereading Bushy's post, I think I am probably pressing too hard) and Scratch X'd the wides bonnet tonight, followed by some Gold Class Wax. Was too dark to really see the difference, but certainly less swirls - although not totally gone. They might be less visible in daylight than under a direct inspection lamp! Will see tomorrow. PRetty happy I think, but clay barring and scratch X'ing the whole car is gonna take a while!!

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The sheeting agent is a great addition

I know someone who used to buy Autoglym wash and something called rinse aid which you spray on before hosing off the wash, this gives the same effect but what a load of hassle

Thanks for the positive feed back

I think it sells itself



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