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Am I sad or what!?!?


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Just been out to the garage and clay bar'd and Fold Class Wax'd one whole side of my Avant. Not enough light to do the other side in the garage - will have to do tomorrow. Ahh the joys of being stuck at home with the kids on a Friday night! EEK2.GIF

I think I got the hang od the clay bar at last! Seems I WAS just pressing too hard. Now I use far less quik detailer too. Mind you, much easier to do my 4 month old car than to do the wife's 2 year old polo - that's still gonna take a while... blush.gif

Looking at the results, I can honestly say the car has never looked this good (well that side at least)!

Permanently in your debt Bushy, what have you started? beerchug.gif

Am I sad or what? suicide.gif

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I bought loads of stuff of Bushy a few weeks ago, and today was the first time I used it all properly:

Woke up at 6am, couldn't get back to sleep so thought 'I'll clean my car....??' smashfreakB.gifsmashfreakB.gif

Used Gold Class Wash, then Scratch-X, then polish and finally wax (although it was raining before I could finish the job).

Used the wheel wax on the alloys, the trim shine on the interior and tyres, then finished by cleaning all the windows.

Looks great.....!!

I bought an orbital buffer from Bushy, but didn't get to use it very much this time as the batteries weren't fully charged - hopefully I can use this to add the wax tomorrow.

I'm very happy with the results (but presumably I'm 'sad' for spending 3 hours doing it in the first place (my wife certainly thinks so!!)


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