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Issue with Kenwood KDC 8021 CD Player

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Hi All

I have fitted zillions of stereos without issue BUT I have just bought a Kenwood Mask stereo and am having some trouble. I have wired it in (just power to start with) but cant get the face to turn round. I have pressed the top left hand side of the face and aimed the Mask key at it but NO JOY.

Do I need to fully install it (never have before) as Im not sure which wire is for which speaker so didnt want to wire them in until Ive got power so I can check them each.

Im sure its got power cos when I put the block connector in you can hear the mechanics move.



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Dude if you have connected the power it SHOULD turn on and eveything work, you will just not get any sound if you havent connected the speakers. I would suggest taking it back to where you brouht it from and show them. Sounds like you may have got a dodgy head unit.

But i am no expert so you may want to check with someone else first

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The deed is done.

Having only had the car for about 8 weeks and been sat in my garage I dont really have time to mess around with them these days so I took it to local stereo place and they told me that some monkey has, because a fuse went under the bonnet and couldnt be arsed to fix it or didnt know, wired the stereo up to the permenant live so consequently the speedo, clock, heater etc was wired up to the stereo.

I was wondering why my battery was flat all the time!!

Looks great, sounds great but the only button I know what to do with is the volume!!

Gonna have to get my head in the destructions

Thanks anyway everyone cool.gif

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