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[Audi A3/S3] A3 Alloy Wheel Fitment


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I am hoping to fit bigger alloys to my A3 1.8T sometime shortly, if the price is right. I want to go to 17" or 18", probably of the TT variety?

Is there anyone on this forum who has done this or knows about this and can tell me if the fitment is right and/or has pictures of such A3's with TT alloys on them?

I have not seen this done and so am interested to see which of the TT aloys look best.

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First off, Welcome to Tyresmoke.

The classified section can be reached through the menus at the top of the screen above the advertising banners or clicking here

I got my replica RSTT wheels from amdtechnik based in Bicester, they were £112+vat each for the wheels and you can get tyres for around 100-150 depending on your stockist. Try Blackcircles (click on Tyre Finder) you'll get a 10% discount just for being a ts.net member.

Hope that helps


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Thanks for the offer and I may well take you up on this at some point in the future.

In the current situation, I am just looking to see what I can get 2nd hand on ebay etc, as would get some if they are in good condition and cost me less than £300 all in?

A lot to ask, I know, but there are some on there that I am monitoring the prices on.

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Cheers for the pics Phillipe!

The both sets of wheels look good on your A3!

I am getting married in December so the cash is tight at the moment so not going to change my wheels until around February at least. Unless a set of TT rims come up for a wicked price that is!?!

I still like the 16" T Sport wheels that ar on it at present anyway, so not to worry.

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