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New virus alert


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I know this should really be in the IT Forum, but that's only for us geeks.

Anyways, it seems there is a new virus doing the rounds. Not sure how prolific it is, but it is rated as high risk.

Just thought I ought to post, seeing as how so many people got caught out by the svchost.exe/wsblast one the other week.

See here for details.

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Are we talking about [email protected]? If so its currently hammering our ISP (messagelabs) and has ground my internet access to a halt. Not happy. Also means I won’t be online gaming at lunchtime – could it get worse??

Just a thought mind, sobig and lovesan both have date-terminating routines. So would it be an idea for us home users to set our PC clock to after 10th September til all the fuss calms down?

Or will this just stop propagation and not infection? Stupid viruses. They’re boring me. Also, whats the best home anti-virus/firewall combo out there? Is it Symantec/Norton?

Am thinking of buying another as I currently run Norton/Symantec AV 2001 & Personal Firewall. Thing is my auto-updater is knackered and never succeeds in updating the core AV2001 files so don’t know if I’m compromised or not.


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