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[Audi A3/S3] Door Trim Removal


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How do you remove the door trim on the A3?

I have a rattle in there since it was removed to fix the door mech under warranty and the dealer has had the trim off 4 times to try and fix it and failed! I am sure I can sort this out as coming from near the window buttons.

I can also check out the possibly damaged speaker which is vibrating strangely since they did the above also. They say there is no fault again! Strange that!?!

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It depends on the year of your car as they changed the panel slightly.

If it is the same one as the pictures above then here goes.

Remove the 2 screws at the top corners

Under the pull to close handle there is a small screw that holds a cover in place behind this cover is either 1 or 2 screws

some models have a screw towards the bottom of the panel in the little cubby hole

pop the panel off its clips all round, this is best done with fingers rather than a screwdriver etc

once the panel is off you will need to release the bowden cable (shown in the bottom picture above) and the electrical connectors

Good luck :crazy

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